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MoylesPR is an accomplished publicity and event management agency specialising in the charity sector. Vicci Moyles has managed a press team of 10 and event teams of more than 40. She has extensive experience of briefing and managing creative agencies, budget responsibility for projects in excess of £200k and clocked up hundreds of red carpet miles as a celebrity liaison.


Film Production

MoylesPR specialises in charity appeal films. Vicci Moyles, Director is an accomplished Producer/Director with credits in the UK and overseas. A natural story-teller and news journalist, Vicci is adept at finding interesting angles and getting the most out of interviewees. She has experience of working with international celebrities, often in challenging and emotionally difficult environments, to create engaging and immersive films.


Agencies love buzz words like ‘Crisis Comms’ and ‘Engagement Strategies’ but at MoylesPR we keep it simple - What are you trying to say and who do you want to say it to? Offering a personalised approach we can do everything from devising and distributing your press materials, through to campaign planning & delivery, social media content and staff briefing documents.


When written well, there’s nothing more powerful than words. MoylesPR can help you develop case studies, website copy and general content creation. Vicci is an experienced and published journalist and..... celeb ghost-writer (Shh!).